Turfgrass Mixes and Blends

turf grass upcloseThe difference between low-end and high-quality turfgrass varieties is like night and day. The dark-green look, soft feel, and durability of high-quality varieties are what we all desire in our lawns, golf courses and parks. Heritage brand turfgrass products include some of the best varieties on the market to produce the best looking and feeling turf, along with providing great disease and extreme weather tolerances. The higher the quality a turfgrass product, the less fertilizer, chemicals, water and reseeding is necessary to maintain award-winning turf.

Heritage Seed has scientifically formulated numerous, high-quality turfgrass products with the proper combination of species/varieties to fit any need or desired look for lawns, parks, golf courses and athletic fields. Heritage Seed’s turfgrass mixes/blends include high-performing, improved turfgrass varieties.

Available turfgrass blends and mixes available through Heritage Seed include (click on the product name to view the tech sheet):


Best Blue's: A 100% Kentucky bluegrass blend. It is designed for lawns and golf course fairways and tee boxes where a highly-attractive, fine-textured turfgrass is desired.

Big League's: A mix of mostly Kentucky bluegrass with 20% perennial ryegrass. It is designed for a highly-attractive appearance, with increased wear tolerance. Ideal for sports fields, lawns and golf course fairways and tee boxes.   

Bruiser: A 100% tall fescue blend. It is designed to tolerate the hotter, sometimes drier climate of the Transition Zone (central regions of the U.S.). Also excellent for non-irrigated lawns, parks and golf course roughs in the Northern Tier of the U.S. where excellent drought tolerance is desired.

Bruiser Plus: A mix with 90% tall fescue and 10% Kentucky bluegrass. It is designed for all the same situations as Bruiser, but with small amount of Kentucky bluegrass added for sod-forming ability.

Capital City Parks: One of our most popular turfgrass mixes for Wisconsin and other areas of the Midwest, Northeast and Pacific Northwest. It is formulated to thrive in multiple lawn and park settings and provide a high-quality look and feel.

Endurance: A mix with increased drought and wear tolerance where durability and minimal management is expected. Ideal for sports fields, playgrounds, lawns and parks.

Meadow: A 100% fine fescue blend. It is designed for very low maintenance situations but is also very tolerant of dense shade (as tolerant of dense shade as any turfgrass mix or blend offered). It grows slowly and only needs to be mowed a few times per year, requires minimal fertilizer (excellent for areas with fertilizing restrictions), and is fairly drought tolerant (needs minimal to no irrigation). It is great for lawns, parks, and other low-maintenance areas in the Northern half of the country.

Revive: A 100% perennial ryegrass blend. It is designed to quickly repair high-traffic areas in playgrounds, sports fields and lawns. It can also be planted in a pure stand for permament turf stands.

Speedy Lawn: A mix of fast-germinating, quality turfgrasses to quickly fix thinning or bare spots in lawns.

Tread Tough: A premium traffic-tolerant mix for the Northern Tier of the country. It provides the ultimate combination of wear-tolerance and attractive look and feel. Ideal for sports fields, playgrounds and lawns.

Velvet Green: This is an economical landscaper's mix which offers a dark green appearance and a soft feel.  It has quick germination and very good traffic tolerance. This mix is most often used in lawns and parks.

Woodland Shade: An excellent mix of quality turfgrasses that can tolerate both full sun and moderate shade. Perfect for lawns and parks that have mature trees that create large areas of shade.