Turf Products

The difference between low-end and high-quality turfgrass varieties is like night and day. The dark-green look, soft feel, and durability of high-quality varieties are what we all desire in our lawns, golf courses and parks. Heritage brand turfgrass products include some of the best varieties on the market to produce the best looking and feeling turf, along with providing great disease and extreme weather tolerances. The higher the quality a turfgrass product, the less fertilizer, chemicals, water and reseeding is necessary to maintain award-winning turf.

Heritage Seed has scientifically formulated numerous, high-quality turfgrass products to fit any need, desire or look for lawns, parks, golf courses and athletic fields. Heritage Seed’s turfgrass mixes include high-performing, improved turfgrass varieties.

More information coming soon on available turfgrass mixes and varieties, including cool-season and warm-season turfgrass products.