Quick and Easy Lawn Restoration

Posted by Heritage Seed on 10/25/2011

One of the most common questions we receive from homeowners is, “How do I make my lawn thick and lush without tearing up the turf that is currently growing?”

The answer isn’t complicated, but there are several steps to inter-seed a lawn.

  1. a. Mow the lawn short and wait for the clipping to dry. Rent a power seeder – a push-mower-looking device that has rotating tines on the bottom, similar to a tiller. The rotating tines cut narrow trenches into the sod while seeds fall from a storage bin on the device. Simply run the power seeder over your lawn, with seeds in the bin. You will likely need to broadcast more seeds over the lawn, as many power seeders do not apply the recommended amount of seed.
    b. Mow the lawn short and wait for the clippings to dry. Then broadcast the recommended amount of seed on the lawn. This simple method is common but usually not as effective as using a power seeder (the more soil the seeds touch, the higher the success rate).
  2. Water the lawn every day. Don’t flood the yard, but keep the soil moist. Seeds have to absorb a lot of water before they germinate, and then after germination (especially if the seed is just broadcast on the surface) the small plants need a lot of water while their roots penetrate the soil surface and establish the plant.
  3. After the height of the turf reaches 4 inches, cut back watering to normal schedules and mow down to 3 inches. Follow normal mowing schedules and heights from that time forward.
  4. At any point before or after seeding, apply the recommended amount of starter fertilizer.