Heritage Seed Company A Distributor of Olds' Garden Seed

Posted on 11/01/2012

The staff at Heritage Seed Company has long been associated with the Olds' name. Most of the staff worked for Olds' when it distributed garden seed, turf seed, forage seed and more out of its Madison headquarters. The brand/company was sold. Heritage Seed Co. is please to announce that it is now distributing Olds' Garden Seed.

"Our staff is intimately familiar with the Olds' product line," said Chris Wendorf, general manager of Heritage Seed Company. "Our entire staff worked for Olds' for many years ago. I started my career in the seed industry with Olds' nearly 40 years ago! We are thrilled to once again be associated with the Olds' name and the great Olds' garden seed products." 

For more information on product availability, dealer locations and pricing, contact Heritage Seed Company.