Do You Need a Custom Mix?

Posted on 01/01/2016

Custom Turf and Forage Seed Mixes

Attention Dealers, Contractors and Distributors:

Does your business have its own custom or private label seed mixes? Or do you often receive requests from your customers for custom mixes? Heritage Seed Company specializes in this service. We provide the following advantages
and assistance:

- Customized logo and tags.

- Attractive packaging for turf and forage products, with planting instructions on every bag.

- Turf bag sizes of 2, 5, 25, and 50 pounds. Forage bag sizes of 25 and 50 pounds.

- In-house mixing, with custom mix orders completed in one to two days.

- Turf and forage agronomists on staff to assist with custom mix formulations.

- A wide variety of turf and forage species and varieties always in stock.

- High quality seed.

Attention Farmers and Other Turf or Forage Seed Consumers:

Do you have a situation that requires a unique seed mix, for forage or turf? We can help. Simply work with your local Heritage Seed Company dealer, and our turf and forage experts can assist in making sure you receive the ideal mix for your situation. Or call us and we’ll assist you in developing your mix and work in cooperation with your local Heritage Seed Company dealer to get the seed to you in a timely manner.


With our expertise, inventory and mixing capabilities, Heritage Seed Company is the perfect seed supplier for:

- Private label product line-ups.

- Unexpected custom mix requests.

- DOT orders.

- Conservation, reclamation, wildlife and CRP mixes.

- Athletic field orders

- Special cover crop requests.

Heritage Seed Company, based in Madison, Wis., is a full-service seed supplier – turf, forage, wildlife and native seeds. Heritage Seed employees have more than 200 combined years of expert seed and agronomy experience..