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Do You Need a Custom Mix?

Attention dealers, contractors, farmers, golf course attendants, and other seed retailers and consumers. Do you need a custom mix or private label product, for turf or forage? And do you need it in a hurry? Heritage Seed Company can help. Our turf and forage experts work through our dealer network to assist dealers and consumers develop the ideal mix for their situation. Read More

Summer Forage Options

Agri View recently published a good article on summer forage production, which may be a hot topic this year. Summer forages are increasingly becoming better quality and can be an excellent insurance policy against tough summer growing conditions. Read More

Heritage Seed Company A Distributor of Olds' Garden Seed

Heritage Seed Company is pleased to announce that it is now distributing Olds' Garden Seed. All the employees of Heritage Seed Co. have been associated with the Olds' brand for many years, and we are thrilled to once again offer these fine garden seed products. Read More

Cover Crop Options

As harvest approaches, and may have already taken place in parts of the Midwest due to the severe drought, many growers are looking for cover crop options. Here is some great information on the best cover crop options. Read More

Emergency Forage Crop Options

The severe drought that is ongoing in Wisconsin and other parts of the Midwest is creating a forage-shortage crisis. The major dairy operations of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa are really in panic mode. Feed for the next 12 months is going to be hard to find, at least affordable feed will be hard to find. What can be done? Read More

Heritage Seed Company Goes Back to Grass Roots

Check the latest article about Heritage Seed Co. from Green Side Up newsletter, published by the Wisconsin Green Industry Federation. Read More

A Perfect Blend: Local seed venture proves everything "Olds" is new again

Read the latest article on the creation of Heritage Seed Company from In Business magazine - a business publication based in Madison, Wis. Read More

Alfalfa Variety Selection is Getting Complicated

The constant development of new varieties and characteristics can cause confusion. Read More

What Is the Difference Between Turfgrass Species?

A brief description of cool-season turfgrasses. Read More

Quick and Easy Lawn Restoration

“Thickening” an established lawn isn’t difficult, you just need to know the proper steps. Read More