Hay and Pasture Mixes

Hay and pasture MixesA vast majority of perennial, cool-season hay and pasture fields are mixed with several grass species and often include a legume, as well. Mixing cool-season grass species and legumes has many positive effects, including:

  1. Genetic diversity among the grass species results in an overall stand that is not completely susceptible to one particular disease or weather pattern/event.
  2. Grass species, even varieties within the same species, have different peak growing periods and maturity times. Therefore, in mixed stand, different grasses hit peak growth times at different times, resulting in a stand that has a component(s) excelling for a longer duration, unlike a pure stand of one variety. A pure stand greens up, heads out, and shuts down at the same time. A well-formulated mix will not. The quality of mixed stand during the entire grazing or haying season will remain more consistent.
  3. The addition of legumes increases protein content, palatability and digestibility, along with fixing nitrogen in the soil.

To provide the highest-yielding, most persistent pasture or hayfield, Heritage Seed’s cool-season mixes include 100 percent improved varieties (unless otherwise noted).

Available hay and pasture mixes offered by Heritage Seed: