10 Facts & Myths about Cannabis

Many people consider cannabis to have sincere benefits, but most laws still prohibit its use. Cheer up a bit and learn some cool facts & myths about cannabis.

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  1. Marijuana was the first product sold online.

This was an actual drug deal that happened in 1971. With the use of Arpanet accounts at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Stanford University, several students engaged in the first e-commerce transaction in the world.


  1. George Washington grew cannabis.

The former president wrote in letters on numerous occasions that he grew cannabis. Today, many people suspect that Washington smoked marijuana to ease the pain caused by his dentures.


  1. Carl Sagan wrote an article about the benefits of marijuana.

After the death of the pop scientist and astrophysicist Carl Sagan, it was revealed that he wrote a piece that was included in the book “Reconsidering Marijuana,” which was published in 1971.


  1. William Shakespeare used marijuana.

Researchers from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa examined 24 tobacco pipes that were found at the Stratford-upon-Avon property of Shakespeare. They found eight to be positive of marijuana residue.


  1. Mexico produces the most marijuana in the world and Paraguay is the second.


  1. Richard Nixon unknowingly smuggled cannabis at the airport.

In 1958, Vice President Nixon saw Louis Armstrong at the airport security line. Armstrong was looking anxious and sweaty. Nixon asked Armstrong why he was in line, and without hesitation, he took Armstrong’s suitcases and got past customs and brought them into the US. Through a traveling guide, Nixon found out later about what happened.


  1. Cannabis plants are extremely common in Bhutan that almost nobody smokes them.

Because of its prevalence, cannabis is seen as pest in Bhutan. It is said to be more prevalent than grass. Most of the cannabis plants are used as livestock feed.


  1. Marijuana is legal in North Korea.

There is no regulation for the use of marijuana in North Korea, so it is not prohibited by law.


  1. Suicide rates in Colorado have dropped since the legalization of marijuana.

A study said that passing the medical marijuana law can be attributed to almost 5% drop in total suicide rate.


  1. The US grows 22 million pounds of cannabis every year.

California, Washington, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Hawaii are the five states that grow 80% of marijuana in the US. One third of the production is cultivated indoors. The value turns out to be $35.8 billion annually.

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