Our Mission

Heritage Seed aims to provide a complete and up to date encyclopedia for cannabis strains along with brand new products on the market like these rolling papers. Whether you want to find out about a classic strain such as White Widow or a brand new, crazy cross-breed such as Wedding Gelato, we will cover it in-depth with all statistics such as flowering times, when to plant outside and yields. There is currently very little help out there and anyone looking to investigate a strain will often end up on several websites before getting all the information that they require.

Where to buy cannabis seeds

Heritage Seed is your one stop strain base for everything cannabis. We have many in-depth strain reviews and also links to help you buy your chosen cannabis seed at a safe location. We currently recommend our sponsors website to purchase cannabis seeds as the best option.

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What we stand for

We stand for providing anyone, anywhere, with free in-depth knowledge on cannabis strains. So many people are often disappointed with the breeders information due to it often being incorrect and misleading.